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Kent ISD & 密歇根州的信息自由法案

作为密歇根州的一个公共机构, uedbet官网州立大学受国家信息自由法案(FOIA)的约束。. Under the FOIA, "all persons, 除了那些被关在州或地方惩教机构的人, are entitled to full and complete information regarding the affairs of government and the official acts of those who represent them as public officials and public employees...." Consequently, 除了联邦官员以外的任何个人, state or county prisoner has the right to inspect and/or receive copies of public records maintained by the District.

What is a public record?

《ued西甲赫塔菲官网》将公共记录定义为“准备好的书面材料”, owned, used, in the possession of, 或由公共机构保留以履行官方职能, from the time it is created."

法律将“书写”定义为“手写”, typewriting, printing, Photostatting, photographing, photocopying, 以及其他的记录方式, and includes letters, words, pictures, sounds, or symbols, or combinations thereof, and papers, maps, magnetic or paper tapes, photographic films or prints, microfilm, microfiche, magnetic or punched cards, discs, drums, 或其他记录或保留有意义内容的方式." E-mail messages are considered public records under the FOIA if they deal with official District business. A person's correspondence requesting information under the FOIA is also considered a public Record. However, the law specifically excludes computer software from the definition of public record.

请注意,地区不需要制作汇编, 信息的总结或报告, 或者创造一个新的公共记录.


警司罗恩·科勒是uedbet官网州立大学信息自由协调员, 他的办公室负责处理《ued西甲赫塔菲官网》的申请. 书面的《ued西甲赫塔菲官网》请求应送交《ued西甲赫塔菲官网》请求处, uedbet官网中学学区, 2930 Knapp St. NE, Grand Rapids, MI, 49525. 申请也可以传真到办公室,电话是(616)364-1488,或者发电子邮件到

学区准备了一份《ued西甲赫塔菲官网》申请表格,可透过上面的连结下载. 此表格可以在电脑上填写,也可以打印并手工填写. 如果没有使用该表格,建议在提出申请时采用以下方式:

  • Please specify with as much detail as possible the records you wish to inspect and/or receive copies of. For example, if applicable, please include the time period involved and the department where the documents may be located, if you know it.
  • 请附上你的通讯地址及日间电话号码, 还有电子邮件地址和传真号码, if applicable.

Can some records be withheld?

The law recognizes that, in some instances, 不披露信息可能更有利于公众利益. 因此,《ued西甲赫塔菲官网》使某些公共记录免于披露, for reasons ranging from matters of privacy to confidential research-related information. One exemption that applies uniquely to schools prohibits Kent ISD from disclosing student records protected under the federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

At Kent ISD, 是否应扣留材料的决定由《ued西甲赫塔菲官网》协调员作出, if necessary after consultation with other appropriate offices including the Office of HR and Legal Services. The FOIA Coordinator has the authority, delegated by the Superintendent, to deny a FOIA request.


学区在收到书面请求后五(5)个工作日内作出回应, although the response period can be extended by the FOIA Coordinator for up to an additional ten (10) business days. Day 1 of the response period is considered to be the next business day following receipt of the written request. 电子邮件在发送后一个工作日被视为“收到”. If, however, the request is electronically transmitted and delivered to a spam or junk mail folder, the request will be deemed received one (1) day after the District becomes aware of it. 有时请求涉及分散在几个部门的大量文件. In those cases, full compliance with the request may take longer than fifteen (15) business days.

The FOIA Coordinator can either grant a request; deny it in full or in part, citing one or more exemptions; or certify that the requested document(s) doesn't exist.

Fees for providing documents

地区可对搜查收取费用, review, 将豁免信息与非豁免信息分离, 复印和邮寄文件. Upon receipt of the request, if a fee is to be assessed, the requester will be provided a detailed itemization of fees that will list and explain the allowable charges that compose the total fee and the District will ask whether he/she wants to proceed. 在计算发生的人工成本时, 学区可以收取小时工资, plus fringe benefit costs, 有能力完成任务的工资最低的员工. 人工成本的估算和收费以十五(15)分钟为增量, 所有的部分增量都四舍五入. If the District does not employ someone capable of determining what information should be released, 地区可以将这项工作承包给外部人士或组织. In such instances, the requester will be notified of the name of the contracted person/firm on the detailed itemization of fees. The cost of contracted services cannot exceed six times the minimum wage, which currently equals $48.90 per hour.

In addition, the requester may be charged the actual cost of any non-paper physical media (e.g., computer disks, tapes, etc.) or paper requests. 每张信件/法定纸张的最高收费为 .10美元(10美分),以及邮寄请求的实际费用.

如果所请求的信息在网上可用, 地区将通知请求者, 包括可以找到信息的具体网页位置. 在线可用性将在费用摘要上另行注明. 如果请求者仍然要求纸质副本, he/she may be charged an additional fee and will be notified of the amount in the itemized fee summary.

在确定和披露费用后,如果估计费用超过$50.00, the FOIA enables the District to require a good faith deposit of up to half of the estimate before beginning the search for documents.

The first $20.00 of the fee must be waived for a person who is on welfare or presents facts showing inability to pay because of indigency. Even in such cases, however, the district may still charge a fee if the person has already received discounted copies from the District twice during the calendar year or if the request is made on behalf of an outside party who is offering payment. The first $20.00 of the fee will also be waived for a non-profit organization designated by the State to carry out certain activities related to persons with disabilities.


Yes, the District will provide "a reasonable opportunity for inspection and examination of its public records, and shall furnish reasonable facilities for making memoranda or abstracts from its public records during the usual business hours" (8 a.m.-4 p.m. on business days). However, the District may make reasonable rules to protect its records and to prevent excessive and unreasonable interference with the discharge of its functions. Please note that in some instances where original documents contain exempt information, 豁免的材料可以移走并复印供查阅.

Also, please note that there still may be a fee charged for the cost of searching for and reviewing the original records before the requester can examine them.

What recourse do I have if the response is untimely, the fee is excessive or I am denied information?

If the District fails to respond to an appropriately submitted and recognizable FOIA request within the timelines explained above, the labor costs to produce the documents must be reduced by 5% for each day the response is delayed, up to 50% of the total fee.

If the requester believes that the estimated fee for producing public records exceeds the amount permitted, 请求人可向委员会提出上诉. 如果委员会没有及时答复或拒绝上诉, the requester may file a lawsuit in state court for reduction of the fee within 45 days.

If the request is denied, in whole or in part, 然后在特区ued西甲赫塔菲官网拒绝的180天内, the requester can either submit a written appeal to the Board or file a lawsuit in state court. 委员会通常在收到申诉后10个工作日内作出答复, but in unusual circumstances, 董事会可能需要额外的10个工作日. 未能响应被认为是拒绝请求的最终决定. 如申请人选择向委员会提出上诉, 委员会否认或未能及时回应上诉, 请求者仍然可以向州法院提起诉讼. 一旦收到要求,学区不能销毁文件. 如果《ued西甲赫塔菲官网》官员拒绝了请求, the document must be retained for at least 180 days from the date of the denial letter.

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