Health Education


At Kent ISD, we wholeheartedly recognize the profound importance of health education and are passionately dedicated to fostering a culture of well-being for educators and students alike. Our commitment revolves around a multifaceted approach, 包括专业发展, 阿片类药物预防, 药物滥用教育, engaging parents, 社区外展, 以及健康和学习的整体方法.

"A healthy and safe school environment that provides risk prevention efforts can contribute to improved health and academic outcomes" (O’Neill et al., 2016).

Our Foundation

支持整个孩子: We believe in the strong connection between health and learning, emphasizing a holistic approach that nurtures the physical, emotional, 以及学生的社会福利.

密歇根州健康模式: Our core foundation rests upon the effective implementation of the Michigan Model for Health. We provide educators with vital training and resources, ensuring students receive evidence-based health education that is both informative and engaging. This comprehensive health curriculum for grades kindergarten through 12 has demonstrated effectiveness in reducing various problems and related risk behaviors, 比如滥用药物, HIV/AIDS, and poor nutrition while promoting character and a positive school climate (O’Neill et al., 2016).

预防药物滥用: We're committed to equipping educators with the knowledge and tools to address substance abuse prevention and promote well-being through professional development opportunities.

社区参与及家长参与: 我们积极与家长交流, 提高社区意识, and support co-facilitation with parents to create a community focused on the well-being of our students. Simultaneously, we offer support and resources for parents and caregivers of 6th to 8th-grade students, enhancing their involvement in their children's health education.

Let's work together to create a healthy and supportive learning environment for educators and students.


我们的健康教育团队提供各种 保健支助和服务 that can be personalized to fit your district's unique needs. Whether you need assistance with curriculum development or implementation, 专业的学习协调或交付, or assessments, 我们是来帮忙的.

Our Approach to Health Education 专业学习

At Kent ISD, we offer a dynamic approach to health education professional learning, 超越传统方法. We prioritize staying current with the latest Health Education Standards from the Michigan Department of Education and other state agencies, ensuring alignment with our comprehensive Michigan Model for Health (MMH) curriculum. This skill-based, evidence-based curriculum is continually updated to maintain synchronization with newly published National and Michigan Health Education Standards.

Additionally, we embrace the principles of the Collaborative for Academic, Social, 和情绪学习(CASEL), integrating SEL core competencies into our professional learning opportunities. "SEL programming not only does not detract from academic performance but actually increases students’ performance on standardized tests and grades." (Elias, 2008, p. 16)

We aim to create a network of educators who engage in meaningful, 合作的经验, cultivating social and emotional skills and contributing to improved student outcomes through comprehensive, 符合标准的健康教育. 探索我们即将到来的 健康教育专业学习.


At Kent ISD, our mission, “我们引领学习," is at the heart of our commitment to creating a culture of well-being through health education for educators and students. We actively 参与关键项目 比如uedbet官网县阿片类药物特别工作组, 密歇根州学校健康协调员协会, 西密歇根健康公平联盟, and the Kent County STI Alliance to promote health education while championing equity. We proudly serve as the voice for our local districts, ensuring that their opinions matter and every perspective contributes to shaping a healthier and more informed community. These engagements underscore our leadership in learning, 致力于公平, and pioneering role in shaping the future of health education, all while staying true to our ethos of 共同加强健康教育!


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2022-2023 Health Education 专业学习 Fast Facts

266 active Michigan Model for Health Digital Licenses in Kent, Ionia, and Montcalm counties
47 professionals and community stakeholders were engaged in a substance use prevention presentation.
50+ teachers were trained in the Michigan Model for Health, 44名教师完成强制性艾滋病毒认证.
633 community members engaged in substance use prevention education, 收到了100包纳洛酮, and 244 medication storage bags under the GR Southeast Promise Neighborhood initiative.

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